Thursday, 5 July 2012

Click Fraud Blog - Here We Go!

Well as always the first post is the toughest. How do you tell a bunch of strangers that what you're going to write in this blank blog is going to be worth sticking around and reading? 

We definitely can't make you any guarantees, but here's what we do plan on talking about:

  • click fraud;
  • tricks that the bad guys are using every day to screw you and Google out of money;
  • suggestions for helping yourself improve traffic quality, by looking at the bad actors in your site visitor sea;
  • our own products (you knew this one was coming)

Another primary reason for starting this blog is because we've noticed that click fraud has kind of fallen off the map. Through 2005 - 2007 you were seeing reports, posts, we had a Click Fraud Index, and a whole host of activity. And then, like a houseful of ghosts at the end of a B-grade movie, it all just disappeared.

But the click fraud problem still remains, so what happened?

We have some theories, and we're going to start sharing some of them. We're also a software startup looking to make a dent in this problem with a unique solution, and hopefully to help the biggest advertising platform on the planet get better at prevention.

We hope you enjoy, and we're looking forward to interacting with y'all.

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